Will we be in a marina every night?

We try to be as diverse as possible to give students the opportunity of new harbours and destinations or even mooring at sea, whilst conducting a course.

Will I have to share a cabin?

There is a possibility of sharing a cabin. We have a new yacht with 3 double cabins plus 2 further berths in the large saloon.

Will I get sea sick?

This cannot be predicted, however, we do not take the boat out in turbulent weather. You can always bring your own sea sickness medication with you.

Will I be able plug in my electrical appliances such as my phone charger or hairdryer?

Electrical appliance can be charged on board while sailing, larger appliances such as hairdryers can only be used whilst the boat is in the marina and connected to shore power.

Who does the cooking onboard?

The crew and instructor take turns to prepare the meals and keep the boat tidy.

Where will I go on my course?

Depending upon the weather on the day, the instructor will discuss the best destination with the crew.

Our picturesque home port of Medemblik offers plenty of options to sail in the Ijsselmee, Waddenzee, the Markermeer or the North Sea.

What’s included in my course fee?

All tuition, study aids and literature where applicable, harbour fees, diesel and all food and drink consumed on board.

There are no hidden extras with MOSS Sailing.

In addition to the course content, should a student book the RYA Competent Crew course for instance, the companion Skills handbook is sent by post prior to the course in order for the student to become familiar with the nautical terms. Once on board, they will be presented with the RYA Syllabus and Log Book.

What if I lost my certificates?

Lost certificates can be replaced by the training center where you took your course. RYA Day Skipper & Coastal Skipper are registered with the RYA and they will sent you a replacement for a small fee.

What footwear do I need to bring?

Sailing boots are advisable along with deck shoes or non-marking trainers. A pair of cheap slippers for the public showers is also advisable.

What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes including hat, scarf, sailing gloves, a waterproof jacket and thermal underwear. A funnel scarf is also a bonus as it keeps the wind out. It is better to wear several thin layers rather than two thick layers. If you are just starting out sailing. there is no need to spend huge amounts of money on expensive clothing. Even a cheap set of thermal long johns and vest will keep you warm. Don't forget sunglasses, sun cream, your personal toiletries, a towel and sleeping bag. Soft holdalls only please (no trolleys). You will also need a small amount of spending money for trips ashore.

My ambition is to leave my current job behind and work in the sailing industry. What level of qualification will I need?

Although the majority of jobs in the sailing industry will require you to have the Yachtmaster certificate, there are some positions that will accept the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal qualification. Your certificate will need to be commercially endorsed which means you will also need a Sea Survival certificate and attend a medical with your GP. Our Fast Track course may be able to help you achieve your dreams.

Is there parking available?

There is a large and free parking facility available in the marina where you can leave you car for the duration of your course. We cannot however accept responsibility for loss or damage to cars or their contents.

Is there an expiry date for the RYA certificates?

No. There is no expiry date for the course completion certificates.

Is there a minimum age for a course?

There is no minimum age for the RYA Start Yachting and Competent Crew course. Children under 16 years of age however should be accompanies by a legal parent. The minimum age for the RYA Days Skipper & Coastal Skipper is 16 The minimum age for the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal & Yachtmaster Offshore is 18 There is no minimum age for all of the recommended courses

I am a complete novice and want to go sailing with my friends but don't want to get in the way. Which course would help me to understand more?

There are two courses which would be ideal for the novice, the RYA Start Yachting Weekend or the RYA Competent Crew course, which aim to give the beginner the confidence and skills to be a useful member of any crew.

I already have sailing experience but no certificates. Do I have to start at the beginning of the ladder?

No. As long as you meet the prerequisite requirements for the chosen course you can enrol. We are always happy to discuss the courses with students and  advise on which course would be best for them.

How many students will there be on my boat?

The maximum number of students is 5 but often less

How do I prove my previous sailing experience?

All your previous experience, sea miles and days at sea can be recorded in a logbook, spread sheet or similar.

Do your boats meet safety requirements?

Yes. As a recognised RYA Training Centre, we are reviewed and inspected annually and successfully meet with the high safety and operating standards of both the RYA and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)

Do I sleep onboard?

Yes, for a weekend course you would stay onboard on Saturday night. For a 5 day mid-week course you would sleep on board from Monday till Thursday night.

You will be required to bring your own sleeping bag for the duration of the course.

Do I receive a certificate after every course?

Yes, every successful candidate, who has attended an RYA course, will receive an official RYA course completion certificate

Do I need to do an actual course to come sailing?

No, there are plenty of options to go sailing with MOSS apart from attending a course, such as Mile Builders, Refresher Weekends, Boat Handling and trips.

Do I need to bring my passport?

If you are coming on a Cross Channel trip or Distance Cruise please don't forget your passport or ID card. By Dutch law you must be able to identify yourself at all times!

Do I need insurance?

We would recommend a cancellation and travel insurance. Our Company holds a personal liability insurance but this will not cover your personal items.

Do I have to be a RYA member before taking a course?

No. Becoming a member is a personal choice.

Do courses over 3 weekends have to be consecutive weekend?

No. However, we do recommend not to leave any longer than 4 weeks between each weekend

Despite being a boat owner for many years, I have only ever sailed in non tidal waters. I would now like to go on some longer coastal passages but as this is new to me I would like some tuition.

There are several suitable options here. A Refresher course, such as a Skill Sharpener course, would offer suitable tuition, a long distance Mile Builder, which would give the candidate support during night sails or an RYA Coastal Skipper mid-week course which would review his skills and introduce advanced tuition.

Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?

When booking the course, we will ask you if you have any special dietary needs and will do our utmost to cater for these requirements. if you have an allergy to fish, or nuts or a certain fruit, then we will make sure that this ingredient is not on board. We often cater for vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerance etc., and it has become customary for us to supply a weekly menu of suggestions to assist our students in choosing an evening meal which they will participate in preparing.

Can we hire Sailing Jackets and Waterproofs from MOSS

There is not a charge to hire waterproofs. We offer these items complimentarily to our students

Can I smoke onboard?

Smoking is permitted in the aft top deck but with consideration to the other crew members.

Can I bring my mobile phone?

Yes you can certainly bring your mobile phone. As many people go sailing to get away from everyday life or as a holiday. During teaching times, we would request that phones are turned off to avoid distraction, unless of course you are expecting an urgent call. Mobile phone coverage is only up to approximately 10 miles from land which will generally give you coverage on all courses except distance sails and cross channel trips.

Are there washing facilities onboard the yacht?

Yes, there is a separate bathroom on board complete with shower and toilet, but to conserve fresh water, we would kindly suggest that you use the harbour facilities where hot showers are available.

Are the recommended courses required?

We highly suggest that students take the recommended courses in order to increase their level, understanding and skill. The "Training Ladder" system, is designed to build foundations of skills and add each new accomplishment to their level of competence.

Are all meals provided?

Breakfast, lunch, a hot evening meal and plenty of snacks are all provided on board for the duration of the course. There are no hidden extra costs. Should you wish to eat onshore, then this would be to your own cost.