Own Boat Tuition

Why not use your own boat for quality tuition?

There are many benefits of using your own boat for private tuition. In a familiar environment you will be able to use your vessel to it's full potential.

We can provide an experienced instructor to guide you through the early stages of familiarization and ownership. Specific areas worth considering may include boat handling, passage making, pilotage, man overboard or sail trim.

You could also use your own boat for Instruction or MCA Exam Preparation. Our instructors have significant experience of a wide range of yachts and our informal approach will soon build your confidence and abilities to maximize your enjoyment.

Please call or mail us to discuss your requirements.

We can design instructional packages to suit your individual needs.

Instruction can be arranged any time that is suitable for you with a minimum of one day. Mooring fees, diesel, food, accommodation and traveling for the instructor are not included.