Man Overboard

M.O.B. manoeuvres and techniques

The main reason why most of us go out sailing is to have fun, relax and enjoy the freedom you can only find on the water.

As with any sport there is always a risk and sailing forms no exception. To reduce any risks it pays to be well prepared. This brings us onto the man overboard: 

This is not really a subject you would like to discuss in depth before a day’s sailing. On the other hand, in the highly unlikely event of finding a crew member in the water, it would be nice to have the skills and confidence to rescue them.

Sailing isn’t a hugely dangerous sport, and you don’t want to scare your crew, but it pays to discuss the Man Overboard drill.

This course is specially designed to learn how to respond, and what action to take, in the unlikely event of a MOB situation. During this course you will learn how to deal with the crisis, how to instruct your crew and how to communicate with the rescue services.

There are several different methods to return the yacht to the casualty by using the engine or under sail alone.

This is a practical "hands-on" course in which you will be taught new techniques and sailing skills.